As a CEO and businessman who is also a fully qualified procurement and supply chain professional I have always had a passion and enthusiasm for what I do and endeavored to be an ambassador for every aspect of the business profession I represent. 

From my early days as a stock controller working for Wolseley Hughes Plumbers Merchants I rose through the ranks of junior and middle management; working within of variety of sectors including retail, automotive, manufacturing and distribution. I became the youngest serving director of the Danish-owned PLC Eurospace Furniture at the age of just 29. 

I have held a number of main board directorships in both the UK and overseas and recently completed the successful MBO of Crestwood Global Product Solutions, which is now majority owned by myself. I hold a number of other directorships in various companies and the increasing seniority of my roles has allowed me to represent the procurement and supply chain profession within the boardroom of both public and private sector companies.

During my working life I have travelled far and wide, across every continent and into many different countries; the varied cultural and commercial experiences have combined to provide me with a profound and enriched global experience of the business world. No amount of research, group discussion or internet surfing could substitute for the tremendous experience one gains from being out there on the ground and having lived the experience first-hand. An intangible asset for any balance sheet for sure.

Working alongside senior people from some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations, I have actively and meaningfully led the development of high level business strategies, pioneered unprecedented procurement and supply chain solutions and been instrumental in defining new concepts that have challenged traditional thinking to deliver ground-breaking outcomes on a global stage.